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Connecting the real world with blockchain

Neurai aims to be a platform to enable harnessing the power of AI algorithms for efficient data analytics, predictive modeling, decision making and connectivity to IoT devices using blockchain assets.





About us

Neurai was born with the clear objective of bringing together the real world through IoT equipment developed by us and the digital world through the Neurai blockchain. To these two important parts we must add the ability to use AI to solve and identify the needs that we want to explore through our own algorithms.

Unity is strength

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Neurai could have been a token on any chain, but the limitations and lack of transparency for distribution forced us to build our own chain.

Decentralization and distribution is a very complex thing to achieve, but we strongly believe that Satoshi's invention with PoW very cleverly solves this problem and for now there is nothing better to guarantee security in a distributed network.

Our initial needs to create Neurai were based on these fundamental principles:

  • Robust and proven code.
  • PoW for good distribution.
  • ASIC resistant to avoid mining centralization.
  • Assets to manage and interact with IoT.
  • Good documentation and libraries to have a good start.

And the one chosen for this journey is Ravencoin, which contains everything we were looking for and allows us to grow with robustness, simplicity and power.

As with any project, we are not eternally tied to this initial code and we expect it to evolve over the years, incorporating what will benefit the community.


Wallets to store Neurai (XNA)


Wallet with integrated node, slow to synchronize the first time and it is necessary to have the entire blockchain downloaded. You do not depend on external servers.

Custody: Self Full blockchain: Yes Bip39: Yes Backup: Yes SO: Windows / Linux



Fast and light wallet. It uses external servers to validate transactions and this makes it unnecessary to download the blockchain.

Custody: Self Full blockchain: No Bip39: Yes Backup: Yes SO: Windows / MAC / Linux



Web and mobile wallet, depending on the blookbook explorer managed by us. Custody is partial and it is possible to export the private key of this wallet in the other two wallets.

Custody: Partial Full blockchain: No Bip39: No Backup: Yes SO: Web Wallet / Android / iOS


Own creations

As with the Neurai code, we will take advantage of all free hardware and software for our project.


The best technology available to developers.


The UTXO model is easily the greatest parallelization-friendly technical innovation that a blockchain can provide.


Neurai start with 8mb per block, but we will adapt to future needs.

Assets onchain

NFT and TOKENS managed from the node itself, being able to use external links to add more information.

Fastest Transactions

10 times faster than Bitcoin and 8 times more capacity per block and the chain will be adapted to future needs.

Improved DAA

Originally designed for Ravencoin, the mature ASERT difficulty adjustment algorithm is highly robust and adaptive to hashrate fluctuations.

ASIC Resistant

Uses the KAWPOW hashing algorithm to discourage the development of ASIC hardware.


IoT - Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the digital interconnection of everyday objects, enabling them to share data and make our surroundings smarter. The ESP32, developed by Espressif Systems, is a notable tool in this realm. This microcontroller, equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth capabilities and other protocols , has become our favorite for IoT projects due to its versatility and affordability.

Thanks to the extensive ESP32 community, it's possible to customize boards for specific purposes, thereby creating a variety of unique components for our project.

RaspberryPi 3B



M5Stamp C3U

M5Stamp Pico

ESP32 TTGO + Keypad





Artificial Intelligence has evolved from large-scale systems to smaller devices, such as microcontrollers, thanks to specific software techniques and optimizations. This advancement allows low-power devices with limited resources to perform sophisticated data processing tasks.

TensorFlow lite

Developed by Google Brain, TensorFlow is one of the most popular open-source libraries for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It provides a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, libraries, and resources that allow developers to build and deploy machine learning models.


This is a subfield of machine learning and an open-source library, specifically designed for microcontrollers like those used in IoT devices. It’s closely related to TensorFlow and enables machine learning on tiny, low-power devices.


This is an open-source artificial intelligence ecosystem that allows developers to move models between different AI frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, and others.


PyTorch is an open-source machine learning library for Python, developed primarily by Facebook’s artificial intelligence research group. It’s known for its flexibility and efficiency, and is widely used in the AI research community.

At Neurai, we will delve deeply into this software and establish protocols to connect with powerful cloud-based AI platforms such as OpenAI, Azure AI, AWS AI, and more.

Our Team

Part of the Neurai development team, based in Europe and hopefully growing to other areas of the world.

The initial anonymity allows us to combine our current jobs with this project. On the other hand, it also allows us to protect the project from possible targeted attacks.










Comparison with the two large chains and how Neurai will scale perfectly for IoT and asset use.


  • 10 minute blocks
  • 1 MB block size
  • 4 txns per second
  • $1.95 avg txn fee
  • No L1 scaling
  • SHA256 PoW
  • No smart contracts
  • No native FT/NFTs


  • 12 second blocks
  • ~100 KB block size
  • 20 txns per second
  • $5 avg txn fee
  • Limited L1 scaling
  • Smart contracts
  • Native FT/NFTs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Neurai project. The most common ones will be added over time.

It is true that there are other chains where it is possible to develop what we want to work on with IoT and artificial intelligence, but we need to have a chain where we have some code control and allow us to have flexibility to adapt our vision of the project.

With other chains this is not possible and in most cases there is too much noise that does not allow us to focus on the development and we may be wrong, but our experience months ago has not been good at all.

The AI we will use will be a series of basic algorithms that allow us to provide different responses to the data obtained from the IoT equipment. In the future, we hope to have a larger team and be able to scale to other levels.

Our intention is to make it as fair as possible, although we know it is impossible. On the official twitter we published the Neurai source code address and a few users joined the initial mining.

Due to the problems that KAWPOW has to mine alone, we decided to look for a solution to mine with a pool and thanks to a Discord user we made a miningcore modification to work with Neurai. At the time we started with the pool, more people joined the mining.

When we made the launch, we didn't think it was necessary to launch the announcement on a specific platform and a user warned us that it was advisable to announce it on bitcointalk and so we did.

Yes, we are a group of three friends with knowledge in electronics and related programming languages. Our approach is purely technical and we want to introduce our knowledge in electronics in it, that's why we want to start working with IoT equipment that we already know.

We also want this journey to allow other people to join us who can give another vision and can contribute to the project. We will make small tournaments to build on Neurai, all through several hackathons that we will do over time.

We know that most projects with good intentions are a scam and all those with pre-mining or masternodes, usually end very badly.

We really have no way to prove it, but time will decide if it is or not. If you have doubts about it, you can go through our social networks to ask whatever you want and everyone is free to give their opinion with respect.

But always remember to be cautious, ask us as many uncomfortable questions as possible and remember not to waste resources on something you have doubts about, never!


Distribution over time

  • Max: 21 Billion
  • Style: Micro Halving
  • When: Every 10 days
  • How much: 5%
  • Mined
  • 1º Year: 57%
  • 2º Year: 70%
  • 3º Year: 80%
  • 4º Year: 86%
  • 5º Year: 92%
  • 6º Year: 94%
  • 7º Year: 95%
  • Donation addresses

    In Neurai we want the community to participate in the growth of the project and that is why we have enabled donation addresses in XNA to reward developers, creators, designers and other activities.



    For external developers of the Neurai project.



    It will be used to hire marketing services when the time is right.



    Dedicated to hackathons held for Neurai.



    For the official faucet wallet