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Connecting the real world with blockchain

Neurai aims to be a platform to enable harnessing the power of AI algorithms for efficient data analytics, predictive modeling, decision making and connectivity to IoT devices using blockchain assets.





About us

Neurai was born with the clear objective of bringing together the real world through IoT equipment developed by us and the digital world through the Neurai blockchain. To these two important parts we must add the ability to use AI to solve and identify the needs that we want to explore through our own algorithms.

Unity is strength

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Neurai could have been a token on any chain, but the limitations and lack of transparency for distribution forced us to build our own chain.

Decentralization and distribution is a very complex thing to achieve, but we strongly believe that Satoshi's invention with PoW very cleverly solves this problem and for now there is nothing better to guarantee security in a distributed network.

Our initial needs to create Neurai were based on these fundamental principles:

  • Robust and proven code.
  • PoW for good distribution.
  • ASIC resistant to avoid mining centralization.
  • Assets to manage and interact with IoT.
  • Good documentation and libraries to have a good start.

And the one chosen for this journey is Ravencoin, which contains everything we were looking for and allows us to grow with robustness, simplicity and power.

As with any project, we are not eternally tied to this initial code and we expect it to evolve over the years, incorporating what will benefit the community.

Own creations

As with the Neurai code, we will take advantage of all free hardware and software for our project.


The best technology available to developers.


The UTXO model is easily the greatest parallelization-friendly technical innovation that a blockchain can provide.


Neurai start with 8mb per block, but we will adapt to future needs.

Assets onchain

NFT and TOKENS managed from the node itself, being able to use external links to add more information.

Fastest Transactions

10 times faster than Bitcoin and 8 times more capacity per block and the chain will be adapted to future needs.

Improved DAA

Originally designed for Ravencoin, the mature ASERT difficulty adjustment algorithm is highly robust and adaptive to hashrate fluctuations.

ASIC Resistant

Uses the KAWPOW hashing algorithm to discourage the development of ASIC hardware.



Stage 1 - Q2 2023

Launch mainnet

Assets working

Neurai explorer

Neurai wallet

First pool

Asset explorer

Electrum wallet

Exchange Xeggex

Exchange Txbit

Stage 2 - Q3 2023

Exchange Tradeogre

Exchange CoinEx

First Android library

Blockbook for Neurai

More pools

Neurai wallet

Neurai APP Ledger

Partner Liquid mining

Stage 3 - Q4 2023

Donation exchange



Electrum wallet

Komodo wallet


Partner Flux

Update website

Test with ESP32

Stage 4 - Q1 2024

Exchange for US/CA

Wiki with docusaurus

Github community

ESP32 free course

Create Neurai IoT board

Hardware wallet

Testing LoRa

Swap NFT - XNA

Test videos in Youtube

Stage 5 - Q2 2024

CEX/DEX Tier 1/2

More IoT boards

Test IoT boards

Search partners

Create first LLM

Connecting LLM + IoT

Testing NFT + IoT

Webwallet + HW Wallet

Webwallet + NFT + Iot

Webwallet + IoT + AI

Stage 6 - Q3 2024

CEX/DEX Tier 1/2

Add Neurai ID in code

New IoT libraries


Developed RISC-V

Test IoT with partner

First Smart Contract

Blockchain events

New partners

Stage 7 - Q4 2024

CEX/DEX Tier 1/2.

Board with LoRa.

Test LoRa Satellite.

AI free course.

New HW partners.

Add mining algorithm.

... adding more

Stage 8 - Q1 2025

CEX/DEX Tier 1/2

Test Lora Satellite

Big code update

Stress IoT test

... adding more

Our Team

Part of the Neurai development team, based in Europe and hopefully growing to other areas of the world.

The initial anonymity allows us to combine our current jobs with this project. On the other hand, it also allows us to protect the project from possible targeted attacks.

Asimov - Mark Cort├ęs


Studies in industrial electronics, experience in microcontrollers and blockchain apprentice.



Studies in computer science, electronics and web design experience, passion for IoT.



Studies in telecommunications, experience in fiber optics and wavelength connections.



Knowledge in blockchain, backend and frontend.


Comparison with the two large chains and how Neurai will scale perfectly for IoT and asset use.


  • 10 minute blocks
  • 1 MB block size
  • 4 txns per second
  • $1.95 avg txn fee
  • No L1 scaling
  • SHA256 PoW
  • No smart contracts
  • No native FT/NFTs


  • 12 second blocks
  • ~100 KB block size
  • 20 txns per second
  • $5 avg txn fee
  • Limited L1 scaling
  • Smart contracts
  • Native FT/NFTs

Donation addresses

In Neurai we want the community to participate in the growth of the project and that is why we have enabled donation addresses in XNA to reward developers, creators, designers and other activities.



For external developers of the Neurai project.



It will be used to hire marketing services when the time is right.



Dedicated to hackathons held for Neurai.



For the official faucet wallet